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Choosing sustainable skincare

Choosing sustainable skincare
Article by: Amanda     |     Date: June 30 , 2017

Your first reason for buying the skincare you have is probably just that it works. After that it might be about cool packaging or something that’s well suited to your skin type. But have you thought about whether your skincare is healthy for the planet?

Buying products that are sustainably made is an important thing to consider, but there are lots of different aspects to this. For example, you might care more about the ingredients used and where they come from, or maybe cruelty free is more your concern. Or you might be keen to see local ingredient producers supported, or be trying to avoid microbeads.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these areas.


There are so many ingredients on offer to skincare producers, so do a bit of homework and find out where a brand is sourcing ingredients from and what goes into bringing them into the product. To make SKIN by ecostore, we sourced bioactives from around New Zealand. Ethical and sustainable sourcing are among our principles, and this applies to the ingredients we’ve chosen. The main bioactives are close to source and make use of by-products from different industries.

The marine extract comes from seaweed at Marlborough Sounds mussel farms and it benefits the ecosystem to remove it from these waters. The grapeseed extract is a by-product of the local wine growing industry, while the vitamin-rich blackcurrant oil comes after the produce is processed into juice.

The fruit extracts from the supplier are manufactured using raw materials harvested using sustainable practices, then extracted using natural processes, including water based extraction, so that only the biomolecules are delivered – there are no carriers, emulsifiers or thickeners.

We also avoid ingredients that might not be sustainable to include, like parabens and pthalates (which have been linked with endocrine system disruption); and synthetic fragrances (which may irritate skin and harm aquatic life). Each of these ingredients is also from non-renewable resources.

Cruelty free

SKIN by ecostore has made a pledge not to test on animals – our products carry the PETA logo which is an assurance that they’re cruelty free.


When you’re selecting skincare, keep a look out for recyclable packaging. The bottles we use for this range are Carbon Capture Paks, which made from renewable sugarcane plastic and 100% recyclable. The lids, metal parts in our pumps, tubes and glass containers are also recyclable, and it’s a good idea to make sure the glass jar is empty and clean. The boxes are made from card certified by sustainable forest management organisation PEFC. And just a handy hint to check with your local authority what is accepted for recycling as this can vary by region!

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