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Back to skincare basics

Back to skincare basics
Article by: Amanda     |     Date: May 22 , 2017

To get our skincare sorted, it helps to know what skin does and why it’s so important to take care of it.

Skin is our largest organ and it does so many things – it insulates us, helps protects us from bacteria and infection, allows us to feel and to sweat, and synthesises vitamin D from the sun.

Each layer gives us different types of protection – the outer layer (epidermis) is the barrier that interacts with the outside world and protects against irritation. The dermis underneath has hair follicles, nerve endings and sweat glands. Made up mainly of collagen and elastin, the dermis is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of skin.

We need to take care of our skin because it’s affected by so many things – ageing, hormonal changes, diet, our health and changes in seasons. Some weather makes us sweat more, while other conditions can dry our skin. Sun protection is a key part of skin care – in strong sunlight it pays to cover up with long sleeved clothing of lighter fabrics, and wear a wide brimmed hat.

There are many basic ways to care for skin – protection from the elements is one, and healthy nutrition is another. But what about basic skincare using products?


General cleansing is key to removing any buildup of dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. Doing this helps maintain your skin’s natural exfoliation and regeneration rate. And the outer layer of skin can more effectively keep protecting us from infections – it’s the acid mantle that neutralises bacteria and helps stop any damage to the epidermis. So another consideration is choosing a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin’s acid mantle.


Moisturising may seem like a no brainer if you have dry skin in general, or if it’s dry in colder weather or in certain areas of our face. But there are a few more details to know. Moisturisers usually contain ingredients like humectants and occlusives to draw and seal in moisture, and emollients including oils like jojoba to reduce water loss and give skin a softer feel. Make sure you pick a moisturiser designed for your skin type, because a light moisturiser is more suited if you have oily or combination skin. Find out more about moisturising in our blog about caring for dry skin.


Many skincare products have nutrients to boost skin health. Among them are vitamins – the main role of vitamins E and C in skincare is to provide antioxidants and protect skin from sun damage. The blackcurrant and grapeseed extracts used in SKIN by ecostore are high in antioxidants as well as these vitamins. Omega 3, an essential fatty acid, is also included in many products because it helps skin resilience by strengthening and repairing cell membranes. These fats also have anti-inflammatory properties. CoQ10 is another ingredient with antioxidant properties that can help boost collagen levels. 

Learn more about the ingredients in the SKIN by ecostore range.

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