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Skincare tips for a beautiful summer

Skincare tips for a beautiful summer
Article by: SKIN by ecostore     |     Date: October 05 , 2018

Daylight savings is about more than just setting your clocks forward and checking the smoke alarms. It’s time to switch up your skincare routine too.

As well as keeping up a natural, gentle skincare routine, summer also means focusing on protecting your skin from sun and heat. And the most effective skincare regime starts on the inside, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water, eat loads of fresh fruit and veges and get good quality sleep as often as possible. 

Cool, calm and collected

Some skincare products (for example, SKIN by ecostore) are formulated to work safely and effectively together as a range, where each step builds on the last. If you mix and match different product ranges, pay particular attention to how your skin reacts – sensitivity may be a sign that ingredients are interacting in a way that could irritate or harm your skin.

To keep products in tip top condition during these hot summer months, it’s a good idea to store them somewhere cool, dry and dark, and check the shelf life symbol on the side of the pack. Stop using a product if you notice a change in smell or texture, if it separates, or if mould appears.

Workout without breaking out

Starting a new summer workout routine and suddenly have breakouts? Cleansing  your face straight away after each workout prevents sweat and bacteria from causing congestion. Turning down the shower temperature after you exercise can help to keep skin clear, and reduce the likelihood of ‘backne’. During the day our skin’s pores can clog up with sweat and grime which may lead to breakouts and irritation. Washing your face before going to bed supports your skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.

Lip service

Since the sun can be extremely drying, it’s important to keep lips soft and protected with a rich lip balm. Don't forget to reapply it when you're outside. Choosing a safe, natural sunscreen for your face means you can feel more confident about applying it to lips too.

Gently does it

we recommend never using hot water directly on your skin when cleansing. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week at most should be all you need to stay looking fresh as a daisy. More than that and you could risk damaging your skin’s natural protective barrier without it having the chance to repair itself.

Sun Salutations

While getting a bit of sunlight each day is good for us, getting a sunburn is not. It can also add to the risk of your skin developing a sensitivity to the sun. Around 80% of UV radiation still gets through on a cloudy day. And you can never count on the New Zealand weather, so it pays to always be prepared – with a hat, sunglasses and long sleeves or a lightweight wrap. Use a moisturiser with plenty of free radical-fighting antioxidants and a zinc oxide or titanium oxide based sunscreen with an SPF above 20. We recommend doing a bit of research to find the most natural, safe sun protection that works for you. Nourised Life offer a good range of all-natural sunscreens to suit all skin types.

Bon voyage beauty

Going away this summer? Pack our SKIN essentials kit (in carry on friendly sizes). It’s got 20ml sizes of Gentle Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturiser and Replenishing Night Cream, plus a 10ml Multi-Nutrient Facial Oil – all you need to nourish and hydrate your skin on your hols with some of nature's most powerful ingredients.

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