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Sustainable goals for the New Year

Sustainable goals for the New Year
Article by: Healthy Always     |     Date: January 11 , 2019

The New Year is upon us – Happy 2019! It’s traditionally a symbolic point of the year, and a time to leave behind what’s not serving us well, while welcoming in new opportunities and setting fresh intentions.

With health as one of our most valuable assets, use this time to consider what direction you’d like to take your own health this year.

While dreaming up goals can be relatively simple, it’s the execution we often struggle with. With that in mind below are some tips and tricks for setting goals that you’ll achieve… and enjoy the journey along the way as well!

Sustainability is key

With our New Year enthusiasm in full swing, it can be all too tempting to do a complete overhaul of habits - however changing too much at once, or making changes that are too drastic, doesn’t always play out how we intend. While we might start with a rip, roar and a bang, once reality sets in it may just all get chucked into the ‘too-hard basket’.

Remember - what sticks is what is sustainable. Instead, think about what you want to achieve, and then what changes you can realistically make within your lifestyle to make that happen – often, quite a lot. This also ties into what will be enjoyable. For example, if you’d like to get fit, think about what exercise classes you’d actually enjoy doing, rather than what you feel you ‘should do’ to reach your goals. You’re more likely to go along when motivation naturally wanders.

Figure out what motivates you

For many, tracking progress can be a helpful motivator in keeping committed to goals - if you set a fitness goal to do 20 press-ups by June, and after a few months are doing a solid 10 from nil, this can be highly encouraging to keep going!

When you set your goal also put some thought into ways you can measure progress, to remind yourself along the way that positive shifts are happening – maybe this is how your energy levels are? Or how your clothes are fitting? Or how you’re now responding to stress?

While changes are often small over time, they account to big shifts in the long run. Keep track of your progress to remind yourself that it’s not just about the end point, but the journey along the way to. 

Keep accountable

Accountability is a fabulous anchor when we start to find we’re swaying from our goals. The expectation it sets can be enough motivation to commit and get the job done! Alternatively, when we’re alone and not accountable to anyone or anything, we’re more likely inclined to sideline something when the going gets tough.

Accountability, can manifest in a few different forms – like a workout buddy who will help get you out of bed and to the gym, so you can train together! Or a tool, like a food diary, to keep accountable to habits and bring more mindfulness to your food choices, by recording what you're eating. The more accountability ‘anchors’ you can have in place the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Healthy Always

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